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About Starlight Cooperative Society

Starlight Farmers’ Co-operative Society is a farmer led and farmer owned primary co-operative registered on 11th June, 2014 under the office of the Commissioner of Co-operatives, located in Nakuru County, Kuresoi North Sub-County in Kenya. It started as a peace building initiative after 2007/2008 post-election violence focused on anchoring peace on joint economic activities, currently impacting the lives of 2187 small scale farmers organized in 92 groups and 7 regions.

Our Core values:
1. Co-operation: We believe in promoting peace and unity among different tribes, hence respect the rights, differences and dignity of those we serve as we work together towards achieving a common goal.
2. Inclusiveness: We are focused in actively removing all forms of barriers and encouraging full participation of our members by creating a sense of belonging and importance.
3. Trust: Willing to be open to others without fear and to work collaboratively for the greater good of all, enjoying a culture of honesty, psychological safety, and mutual respect.
4. Accountability: We are committed to taking responsibility for all our actions, ensuring optimum utilization of resources and proactively providing accurate, timely information to all our stakeholders.
5. Prayer: We believe that God gave us a plan to serve our broken community and therefore we are committed to prayer as the guide and foundation for accomplishing our mission.

Our Vision

Striving to establish a society with a culture of peace, that stands for the vulnerable

Our Mission

Empower small scale farmers and the church to pursue agri-business as a source of livelihood, hence enhance peace and development in Molo region in a sustainable and holistic manner.

Awards We Have Received


We have been acknoledged and received rewards for the passionate work we do to supporting the farmers to improve their livelihoods.

Best Co-operative
Best Milk Award 2021
Best Potato Seedlings 2021
Top Co-operative In 2021